Meet The Team

Here at Huski we have the most amazing team so we’d like the introduce you to them. Everyone in our team plays a vital part in preparing and delivering your meals and drinks.


Alice Tatham

Head Chef

Say hello to our lovely head chef Alice. She’s spent 4 years in France, this is her 4th season in the alps and she’s been with Huski for 4 years, so clearly she’s going to be at Huski forevermore! We just haven’t told her that yet…..

Alice started as a Huski line chef, before becoming one of our senior kitchen staff before finally moving on to become head chef in time for the start of the 2022-23 season. Prior to joining Huski, Alice gained experience in another production kitchen and also trained as a butcher.

Her favourite dish on the Huski menu is the Vegiflette, partly because she says it’s fun to make, but mainly because it tastes so yummy! She likes to pair this with our Argentinian Malbec, although on her days off she’ll happily skip the Vegiflette!

Alice says “my ideal skiing partner is a ski instructor in the hope that he can teach me to do it….” and her worst habit in the kitchen is annoying her fellow chefs with quotes from her favourite movie, Shrek.


Jonny Peters

Warehouse Manager

Meet Jonny, the man who makes it all happen in the background. He’s responsible for your food from the second it leaves our kitchen to the moment it gets delivered to your door. He’s done 6 winter seasons shared between La Plagne and Les Arcs and has now been living full time in Bourg St Maurice, France for 5 years. This is his second year with Huski and we feel very lucky to have him as he brings a wealth of logistics experience to the team ensuring that all the picking, packing and processing happens as efficiently as possible.

Jonny’s favourite Huski dish is the Beef Bourguignon which he says goes really well with our Italian Merlot, or our Pinot Noir, or our Côtes du Rhône, or any other wine……

He also says his favourite resort is St Foy where he can often be found snowboarding on a Wednesday telling jokes from the movie The Big Lebowski. Just please don’t go peeing on any rugs, Jonny!


Rob Scott

Business Development Manager

Rob is one of the new kids on the block, having joined the Huski team in September 2022. Previously, he was the owner of several bars and restaurants in Les Arcs 1800 and Bourg St Maurice for nearly 15 years, which is the amount of time he has lived in France. His day to day role not only involves growing the business but also in helping to manage the team and develop customer and partner relationships. He also dabbles somewhat in the dark arts of marketing and advertising.

Whilst he enjoys all of Huski’s dishes, when pressed he’ll tell you that of all of them he prefers the Chicken Savoyard and being a man of expensive tastes he’d ideally pair this with our nicely chilled Sancerre, although he’s also rather partial to a pint of Sunny Side Up from our brewery partner and neighbour, the Brasserie du Petit St Bernard.

Rob is both a skier and a snowboarder and after 15 years living in and around Les Arcs there is no place he’d rather call home.


Rich Crandon

Driver, warehouse, social media manager

Rich is the newest addition to the Huski team and he is a man with many faces and many talents. Some days he’ll be knocking on your door to deliver delicious Huski meals, other days he’ll be assisting Jonny with picking and packing in the warehouse and in between all of this he’s the guy behind all of our social media posts and activity. He’s also a whizz at filming and editing so has also done some contract work for Huski creating video content for us to use to promote the business.

Outside of work, Rich is a successful DJ under the pseudonym 48 Litres of Funk which takes him all over the French alps and in particular to the resorts in the Tarentaise Valley, so be sure to say hi to him should you be at one of his gigs.

Rich is an avid snowboarder having done 8 winter seasons and he’s now been living in France full time for 4 years. You can often find him hitting the off piste in St Foy listening to one of his many playlists. When asked what his favourite tune is, his reply was “Today it’s Deftones - Back To School, Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing and Gaslamp Killer - Nissim. Tomorrow it will be something completely different!”

As for his favourite movie? Well, he’s Welsh so needless to say it’s Twin Town.


Tania Flewitt

Operations Director

Meet the boss!

Tania has been with Huski since the very beginning. Arriving in France in October 2018 and starting with Huski in December 2018, Tania has overseen the evolution of the business from an import / delivery company into a food brand who cook their own dishes in house. She has also successfully navigated Huski through the dual terrors of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic and is largely responsible for the fact that the business survives and prospers to this day!

When asked what her favourite Huski dish is, she very diplomatically replies “There are so many….. but if I had to choose, the Tartiflette, the Ratatouille and the Pea & Mint soup”, which incidentally you must try because it really is amazing! Tania is a rose drinker, so her ideal wine is the Côtes de Provence - Princesse Clara, although it must be served with ice!

Before France, Tania was doing charity work in Romania helping Roma communities before working on a water buffalo farm in the UK, championing permaculture and sustainability.

Her ideal day out is a day skiing in La Clusaz with her border collie, Maggie for company while listening to Fox on the Run by Sweet on repeat. Each to their own, hey Tania?


Darren Tute

Logistics Manager

Darren is the man who ensures that all our drivers know where they’re going and that they have all the information they need to deliver your order right to your door.

Prior to working at Huski, Darren was an airport transfer driver for a number of years, meaning he has excellent knowledge of most of the resorts we deliver to. This means he’s well qualified to map out the most efficient routes for the drivers, saving them time and avoiding the worst of the traffic.

Darren absolutely loves the British classics on our menu, in particular the Cottage Pie and like Rob he’s more of a beer drinker than a wine drinker. A nice, chilled bottle of Heineken will do him just fine! Cheers Dazza!


Hollie Irons


This is Hollie and she’s been working as part of our kitchen team for the past 3 seasons. Prior to being with us, she was living and working up in St. Foy doing a mixture of apartment cleaning and managing one of the busy bar/restaurants in the resort.

Hollie’s favourite thing to do when not working in the Huski kitchen is to go snowboarding with her pals up in St Foy. She’s also a huge fan of going to the gym. During the off-season she likes to take advantage of her time off by travelling the globe. She’s recently been to Central America, South-East Asia and north Africa. Next on her list is a trip to India, so we might have a few new curries on the menu next season!

Her favourite dish on the menu is the Thai Green Curry with Jasmine Rice because it brings back memories of her time in South-East Asia, and alongside that, a small glass of our Mount Riley Sauvignon Blanc.