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Drinks Matter

We research and source the best wines and local craft beers to save you time and money. Delivered to your door or waiting in the fridge for when you arrive.

Why buy your wine from Huski

Photo by Anton Mislawsky

Service that makes sense

If we can give you great wines at competitive prices, why would you not prefer to have your wine delivered?

Wine is pretty heavy and a pain to lug home at the best of times – nowhere more so than in the mountains! So trust us to bring you your wine and let us do the carrying. Best of all we can have it in the fridge and chilling before you arrive at the resort, so you’ll have a nice glass of something as soon as you get the keys.

Photo by Hermes Rivera


Hand chosen list, from more interesting suppliers, that you wont find in the local supermarkets.

In every French supermarket you will find thousands of well priced wines, but you know they can be a little generic. We call them Wholesaler wines. Mass production wines, from anonymous growers, that are hard to get excited about. Sure they can be very cheap, but do they really offer the enjoyment you deserve? Our wine’s come from a range of smaller suppliers that we have got to know over the years, and we trust their integrity and their approach to winemaking. We also like a pretty short wine list! Why? Well, too much choice can feel like a chore so we have provided a good list that gives you all the options you should need.

Photo by Andre Taissin

Prices that can’t be beaten

Of course price really matters. We price like a retailer not a restaurant, so you can match great food with great wines, at ordinary prices.

We price all our wines in two tiers, designed around what our customers say they want:

  • Really fun wines at sensible prices (Less than €10 per bottle)
  • Special wines that can’t be bought anywhere else (€10-20 per bottle)