Three Day Savoyard Menu – Serves 2


Three of the most famous Savoie dishes, using a traditional family recipe and a little creative flair. Made with love by our chefs using locally sourced ingredients.

From gooey Reblochon on the Tartiflette to our local red wine in the Beef Mondeuse, everything is sourced from the Tarentaise Valley.

——— DAY 1 ———

STARTER: Baked Camembert

MAIN: Beef Mondeuse

SIDE: Plain Basmati Rice and Baguette

DESSERT: Lemon & Lime Cheesecake

——— DAY 2 ———

STARTER: Charcuterie and Cornichons

MAIN: Tartiflette

SIDE: Baguette

DESSERT: Chocolate Mousse

——— DAY 3 ———

STARTER: Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

MAIN: Chicken Savoyard

SIDES: Roast Potatoes

DESSERT: Apple & Berry Crumble


All dishes are hand-made in France and are ready to eat in under an hour (see product for timings).

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