3 Night Savoyard Selection for 2


We wanted to make this special for you so we chose 3 of the most famous dishes from the Savoie, used a traditional family recipe and added a little creative flair. The food is created with love by our chefs using only locally sourced ingredients. From the gooey Reblochon on the Tartiflette to the red wine of the Beef Mondeuse, it all comes from the Tarentaise Valley. We think you’ll taste the mountains.

A Chicken Savoyard, a Beef Mondeuse and the King of the mountain cheese dishes – The Tartiflette.

Never too cheesy?

All dishes are hand-made by Chalet Chef and arrive frozen.



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——— DAY 1 ———

MAIN: Tartiflette

SIDES: Charcuterie, Cornichons

DESSERT: Spiced Apple and Berry Crumble

——— DAY 2 ———

MAIN: Boeuf Mondeuse – Savoyarde Gratin

SIDES: Basmati Rice à Garden Peas

DESSERT: Lemon and Lime Cheesecake

——— DAY 3 ———

MAIN: Chicken Savoyard

SIDES: New Potatoes & French Beans

DESSERT: Passion Fruit Mousse Cake