Six Night Kids Menu for 1


If your kids are happy, you’re happy. This 6 day kids menu goes down a storm with the little ones. Delicious, healthy and convenient meals which will fill up your children and allow you to spend the evening as you wish.

Cooked from frozen, the meals are all ready in 35 minutes.

All dishes are hand-made by COOK, free from additives and preservatives and taste as good as if your grandmother had made them herself. They are as healthy as the fresh mountain air. Dishes arrive frozen, making preparation as easy as pie. Most dishes are ready to eat in under an hour (see website for precise timings).



Kids Chicken & Veg Casserole (Serves 1)

Roast chicken with sweetcorn, peas, sweet and white potato in a creamy sauce.

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Kids Cottage Pie (Serves 1)

Minced beef and plenty of veg with a Cheddar cheese topping.

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Kids Meatballs & Spaghetti (Serves 1)

Handmade beef and pork mince balls with spaghetti and tomato sauce.

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Kids Fish Pie (Serves 1)

Salmon and Coley with sweetcorn, peas, and a potato, sweet potato and butternut mash.

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Kids Chicken Tikka & Rice (Serves 1)

Kids' mild and creamy curry with basmati rice, peas and cauliflower florets

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Kids Sausage Casserole (Serves 1)

Speldhurst pork and leek sausages with bacon, tomatoes and roast potatoes

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More Information

DAY 1: Kids Chicken Casserole

DAY 2: Kids Cottage Pie

DAY 3: Kids Meatballs & Spaghetti

DAY 4: Kids Fish Pie

DAY 5: Kids Chicken Tikka & Rice

DAY 6: Kids Sausage Casserole