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Croissant (each)

The humble croissant has been the buttery, flaky staple of a French breakfast since The Renaissance. You really can’t come to France without having at least one.

Locally made, but cooks from frozen.

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Pain au Chocolat (each)

The Viennese, sweeter, more chocolaty sibling to the Croissant. Always a favourite with the kids, the pain au chocolat is the best way to have chocolate for breakfast.

Cook from frozen.

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Baguette (each)

Your daily bread. Perfect with butter and jam for breakfast. Or get a few to make sandwiches for lunch.

Our Baguettes come frozen and reheat miraculously, so you can order as many as you need for the week.

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Butter (250g)

French Butter

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Jam (370g)

Bonne Maman Jam is a household name in France and our favourite. Sweet and fruity, the perfect jam.

Strawberry or Raspberry Flavour.

Tea (25 sachets)

There is nothing like a cup of tea to get you going in the morning. Especially if your legs are a bit sore by Wednesday.

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Ground Coffee (250g)

Coffee is always a good idea. Always. Ours is ground and goes in a filter machine.

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Porridge Oats (500g)

Quakers Porridge Oats (500g)

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Fresh Milk (1L)

Whole, Semi-Skimmed or Skimmed Milk

Pork Sausages (8)

Maybe you have a long day of cruisy blues planned? Or a day ticking off every black mogul run in resort ahead of you? Either way, you are going to need all your energy to do it. These British pork sausages could be just what you need.

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Bacon (454g)

A skiing holiday is a week of fun and adventure and excitement. And you are also allowed to have bacon for breakfast. Every. Day.

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Eggs (Pack of 6)

If you are looking for more energy to get you through a morning off piste or a lesson with ESF. 6 Fresh eggs from local hens.

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Baked Beans (415g)

For some no breakfast is complete without some Heinz Baked Beans. For others, well…

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