Chalet Chef Boeuf Mondeuse for 2


Slow cooked local beef seared and then slowly cooked in a Mondeuse red wine sauce and topped with a confit of carrot, mushrooms and shallots. It is served with rice and garden peas and is absolutely delicious. A crowd pleaser and one of our best sellers.

As all our Savoyard range, the Beef Mondeuse uses only locally sourced ingredients and is freshly made in the Savoie Tarentaise Valley by Chalet Chef. It will arrive frozen.

Did you know? Tarine is the second most popular cow in The Savoie, found mostly in the Tarentaise, Beaufortain and Maurienne valleys, where Huski is based.

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MAIN: Boeuf Mondeuse

SIDES: Basmati Rice à Garden Peas