Chalet Chef Tartiflette for 2


The Tartiflette is the jewel of the Savoie food crown, an iconic mountain dish made from potatoes, bacon, onion and lots and lots of Reblochon cheese. Delicious, cheesy, iconic – we love Tartiflette and you will love ours.

Accompanying the dish is a plate of local charcuterie and gherkins.

As all our Savoyard range, the Tartiflette uses only locally sourced ingredients and is freshly made in the Savoie Tarentaise Valley by Chalet Chef. It will arrive frozen.

Did you know? Tartiflette was first mentioned in a 1705 book, Le Cuisinier Royal et Bourgeois, written by François Massialot and his assistant cook B. Mathieu.

In Tartiflette We Trust.

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MAIN: Tartiflette

SIDES: Charcuterie, cornichons