Cheese Selection Box – Beaufort – Serves 2


Serves 2

This is a true homage to fromage. For your favourite days in the mountains, you deserve to indulge in the king of cheeses and the cheese of kings, Beaufort Été AOP. Spread into your favourite baguette for the mountain, enjoyed as truly moreish nibbles with an aperitif or cut into generous wedges to be enjoyed by the fire.

– Beaufort Été (cow’s milk, unpasteurised)
– Tavaillons de Beaufort biscuits,
– Crème de Beaufort (150g pot) (butter (milk), cheese (milk)).

All cheeses are made with animal rennet.

Each box contains a total of 120g of Beaufort Été per person, one packet of Tavaillons de Beaufort and one pot of Crème de Beaufort for two people.

No stock. Order for Winter 2019/20

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Beaufort Été (cow’s [milk], unpasteurised), Tavaillons de Beaufort biscuits (180g pack) ([wheat] flour, butter ([milk]), cheese ([milk]), [egg]. May contain traces of ground [nuts], [nuts] and [sesame] seeds), Crème de Beaufort (150g pot) (butter ([milk]), cheese ([milk])).


milk, wheat, egg, nutes, sesame