Cheese Selection Box – Blue Piste (mild) – Serves 2


Serves 2

Just as the colour coding of pistes is a good indicator of slope difficulty, we have used it to help you pick the most suitable cheeses. Included are three of your favourite French Alpine cheeses to be enjoyed without pushing the taste buds beyond their comfort zone. Think sweet and subtle smokiness, intensely refreshing yet fruity and nutty notes, creamy mouthfeels and grassy, Alpine aromas.

– Brezain (cow’s milk, pasteurised)
– Emmental de Savoie (cow’s milk, unpasteurised)
– Tomme de Savoie (cow’s milk, unpasteurised)

All cheeses are made with animal rennet.

Each box contains a total of 120g of cheese per person, perfect for one cheeseboard.

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Brezain (cow’s [milk], pasteurised), Emmental de Savoie (cow’s [milk], unpasteurised) and
Tomme de Savoie (cow’s [milk], unpasteurised). All cheeses are made with animal rennet.