Macon Les Crays Chardonnay


The quintessential Chardonnay from southern Burgundy. This wine takes you on a stroll through a summer meadow. Floral notes on the nose are followed by lemon, apple and a cosy vivacity on the palate.

No need to food match if you don’t feel like it – you can just crack open the bottle and enjoy it for what it is, but if you do decide to have some culinary accompaniment, what should you go for?

The world famous Tartiflette, but of course!


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Would you like a little wine knowledge to impress your ski friends and family with? Oh, go on then. Huski delivers.

Chardonnay is the World’s favourite wine grape. And one of the few grape varieties which can be used as a first name. Unless you are Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Goes well with:

Tartiflette (Serves 2)