Picpoul de Pinet Blanc


One of the Loire Valley’s best selling wines, the Picpoul quickly became a hugely popular white wine, both in The UK and abroad. And it’s easy to taste why.

A light yellow colour with green shades and flavours of citrus fruits. On the palate, it’s very round and supple, with plenty of character. If this wine was a ski resort it would be Val d’Isére – beautiful, challenging, vibrant and young at heart.

What should you drink it with? It’s with fish and white meat in a creamy sauce. So our Thai curries, patés, prawn dishes and souffles.

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Would you like a little wine knowledge to impress your ski friends and family with? Oh, go on then. Huski delivers.

Folle blanche was the traditional grape variety of the Cognac and Armagnac regions of France. It is also known as Picpoule (with various variations of spelling (Piquepoul, Picpoul), although it is in fact unrelated to the Picpoul of the Languedoc) as well as Gros Plant and Enrageat blanc. Folle blanche is an offspring of Gouais blanc, with the other parent so far unidentified

Goes well with:

Red Thai Chicken Curry