Quenard Savoie Rosé


A great dry, Savoie Rosé, well balanced with tropical notes on the nose. Medium-bodied with a fresh, zingy finish. Perfect on a sunny day with our tartiflette or in the comfort of your chalet, in front of a roaring fire on a bitterly cold February evening.


SKU: V-QURO-1-75

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Would you like a little wine knowledge to impress your ski friends and family with? Oh, go on then. Huski delivers.

Rosé Is Not Just a Mix of Red & White Wine. To make rosé wine, the skin of red grapes is immersed in the wine for a short amount of time (typically anywhere from 2 to 20 hours). The sooner the grape skins are removed, the lighter the rosé will be; the longer they sit in their wine bath, the deeper pink the rosé.

Goes well with:

Wholefood Bowl (Serves 1)