Six Day Dairy Free Menu for 1


DAY 1 = Green Thai Chicken Curry with Coconut and Lime Leaf Rice
DAY 2 = Spanish Bean Stew with Roast Potatoes
DAY 3 = Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine with Minted Couscous
DAY 4 = Beouf Bourguignon with Basmati Rice
DAY 5 = Spiced Cauliflower and Aubergine Shakshuka with Roast Potatoes
DAY 6 = Yellow Thai Prawn Curry with Coconut and Lime Leaf Rice

Throughout our time creating these multi-day menus we continually found dairy free, gluten free and vegan food was very difficult to find in the Alps, sometimes almost impossible. We wanted to change this and give you the option to eat healthily and conveniently whilst keeping to your dietary choice.

Our 6 day dairy free menu incorporates the best of French, Thai and Moroccan food.

As with all our 6-day menus, your order will be delivered in two drops. Depending on your check-in

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SKU: B-6DDM-1 Dairy Free