Six Day Vegan Menu for 1


If you’re a vegan then you know how hard it is to get good, nutritious vegan food in the French Alps. Choices are limited, if they exist at all. Have you had enough of ordering french fries in a mountain side restaurant as it’s the only thing on their menu you can eat?

With the Huski 6-day Vegan menu we are changing the vegan landscape during your ski holiday. Now you can now enjoy six different main dishes, 6 days of your stay.

Start the week with a red lentil and mixed bean casserole. Things spice up during the week with a green Thai vegetable curry and a Spanish bean stew. By the time Friday comes around and you know the resort inside out, your vegan dinner will be an aubergine Shakshuka and a vegetable chickpea curry.

As with all our 6-day menus, your order will be delivered in two drops. Depending on your check-in day, this will be Saturday/Tuesday or Sunday/Wednesday.

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DAY 1 = Red Lentil & Mixed Bean Casserole
DAY 2 = Asparagus & Pesto Gnocchi
DAY 3 = Yellow Vegetable Curry with Coconut and Lime Leaf Rice
DAY 4 = Spanish Bean Stew with Peppers and Kale and Ciabatta
DAY 5 = Spiced Aubergine Shakshuka with a Green Salad
DAY 6 = Roast Vegetable & Chickpea Curry with Minted Couscous

Goes well with:

Maréchal Mondeuse Désir des Ducs