Three Day Vegetarian Savoyard Menu – Serves 2


Vegetarian versions of Savoyard cuisine prepared by Gourmet 73 from the Tarentaise Valley.

Three of the most famous Savoie dishes, using a traditional family recipe and a little creative flair. Made with love by our chefs using locally sourced ingredients.

——— DAY 1 ———

STARTER: Antipasto

MAIN: Vegiflette (Vegetarian Tartiflette)

SIDE: Baguette

DESSERT: Apple and Berry Crumble

——— DAY 2 ———

STARTER: Baked Camembert with Baguette

MAIN: Vegetable Mondeuse

SIDE: Basmati Rice with Garden Peas

DESSERT: Lemon and Lime Cheesecake

——— DAY 3 ———

STARTER: Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

MAIN: Winter Vegetable Gratin

SIDES: Roast New Potatoes

DESSERT: Chocolate Mousse


All dishes are hand-made by Gourmet73 and arrive frozen.


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