Tour Saint Honoré Provence Rosé


An organic Provence rosé that typifies the style of the region. Strawberry and raspberry on the nose followed by freshness on the palate with red and citrus fruit.

The nose presents a salty bouquet with traces of smoke which develops into hints of almonds, fresh strawberries, mandarins and citrus. At first the palate is rich because of the Grenache which melts into flavours of white fruits and marshmallows. This is followed by a long, fresh and citrusy finish.

This rosé pairs perfectly with all our canapés but is also delicious just as an aperitif.


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Would you like a little wine knowledge to impress your ski friends and family with? Oh, go on then. Huski delivers.

According to Vins de Provence, the first wines were actually rosés. Twenty-six centuries ago the Greeks founded a colony in Marseille and the first vines were introduced to Provence. The wines made there were similar in color to rosés due to the fact that maceration (softening or breaking down of skins to add color and flavor) was either not yet known or barely practiced in the ancient grape world.

Goes well with:

Lemon and Lime Cheesecake (Serves 2)