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Welcome Night Package – €55 pp (dinner + supplies)


So who's here for a holiday?

How about making sure after a day's travelling the fun starts the minute you open your front door?

That's what this package is all about….Everything you need to make sure the first night is as good as any other. We'll have you enjoying a well deserved drink, instant snacks and proper meal without lifting a finger. So don't worry about heading back out to the shops (don't worry, they're closed anyway 😉 ) – instead hit the sofa and start the holiday.

Our team of Huskis deliver everything into your chalet before for you turn up. Is there anything better than arriving to a cold beer, a full fridge and yummy dinner that just needs you to heat it up? Not on the first night there isn't.


This welcome pack is sized for 2 adults. For bigger groups please order additional units that will also come portions made for 2 people. So for a group of 8, order 4 welcome packs.

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Maison Rullier Charcuterie

Maison Rullier Pate

Fresh baguettes



Coq Au Vin

Mashed Potato



Belgian Chocolate Pudding


A celebratory bottle of Prosecco Ricadonna

White Wine – Sauvignon Blanc (Excelsus) (x2)

Red Wine – Merlot (Belloc) (x3)

A case of Kronenbourg 1664 Beer for the week –  (x12 25cl bottles)


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