Sip and Slide: Elevate Your Ski Experience with MONTZI Real Fruit Shots!


Want to be on on the ground-floor of the coolest new brand to hit the Alps? It’s Montzi – and Huski as their official partner can deliver it right to your door. Yes, this season we will be bringing you the drink that connects the thrill of the slopes with the energy of the best après-ski – with MONTZI Real Fruit Shots.

Recently discovered at the bustling La Bergerie in Belle Plagne, these vodka-based shots are taking the ski community by storm. Join us as we delve into the world of MONTZI, a drink that promises not just a taste of the mountains but an unforgettable experience to accompany your next ski adventure.


MONTZI Real Fruit Shots


The MONTZI Real Fruit Shots Experience

Picture this – a cozy après-ski setting, the snow-covered Alps as your backdrop, and in your hand, a 2cl mini bottle of MONTZI Real Fruit Shot. These shots boast a unique blend of organic Alpine flowers, including chamomile, edelweiss, mint, and gentian, perfectly complemented by the sweetness of real pressed fruit. With flavours like Sour Cherry, Blackberry, Peach, and Pink Grapefruit, MONTZI offers a delightful variety that caters to every taste.

We had the pleasure of learning the art of enjoying MONTZI from Melanie, the third-generation owner of La Bergerie. Her advice? Unscrew the cap, take the bottle between your teeth, and knock it straight back – an experience that’s not just a drink but a celebration in itself. The 21% alcohol by volume (ABV) adds a sociable kick to your ski escapades, making MONTZI a perfect companion for those spontaneous mountain celebrations.


Behind the Name

MONTZI, a clever fusion of French, Latin, and Italian words for mountain, pays homage to its roots in the European Alps. ‘Mont’ in French, ‘monti’ in Italian, and ‘mons’ in Latin come together to form the brand name, representing the brand’s connection to the majestic mountains where it originated.


A Toast to Sustainability

MONTZI goes beyond offering a delightful drink; it stands as a beacon for sustainability in the ski community. The brand has planted over 500,000 trees in collaboration with The Sumatran Orangutan Society since 2017, contributing to the fight to save the snow. Learn more about their commitment to environmental responsibility, and join us in toasting not just to great drinks but to a greener future.


Exclusive Availability

MONTZI takes pride in supporting mountain bars, making it a rare find in typical grocery stores. While you won’t spot it in your local Sherpa or Spar, you can experience the magic of MONTZI at après-ski hotspots like the Folies, La Bergerie, and Bar 360. For those seeking the convenience of enjoying MONTZI at home, Huski stands as the exclusive retailer of MONTZI in the French Alps. Order online, and we’ll deliver the mountain magic straight to your doorstep.


Elevate your ski holiday with MONTZI Real Fruit Shots – a drink that combines the essence of the mountains with the thrill of the slopes. From its unique flavours to its commitment to sustainability, MONTZI offers a truly exceptional après-ski experience. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to your ski adventure – visit MONTZI’s website and get your order in now in the Huski Shop – discover more and indulge in the taste of the Alps. Cheers to MONTZI!