View our Youtube video for how and why to use Huski. Like any online store really. Choose what you want and add it to your basket (sorry, sled). You can shop by pre-planned menus, or you can shop by individual dishes. We also have Welcome Hampers designed to get you through the first day if you are arriving after the shops are closed.

If you are booking before you travel we will need your day of arrival and your address. We aim to have everything in place before you arrive. Or if you are booking once you are in the resort just pick one of our daily delivery slots when you get to the checkout on the site.

We cannot accept cash but we can take a range of payments from card, to Paypal to Apple Pay.

You can place orders 24/7 through our online store. We deliver to each resort between once and twice a week and always aim to deliver by 8pm latest on your delivery day.

Our headquarters in Bourg-St-Maurice are also open for our click-and-collect service in office hours, with extended hours on Saturdays for late arrivals.

Once the order is placed and packed up we will deliver it ourselves direct to your door. It will arrive frozen and oven/microwave-ready. If you have ordered before travelling we aim to make arrangements with your accommodation provider to make sure it’s all in place for your arrival. Please provide as much information as possible with your order so we can do this.

We Huskis deliver to resorts across the French Alps! We are based in Bourg Saint Maurice and send out members of the pack daily to bring delicious oven-ready food to your door. Check our Resort Finder for more information on delivery schedules.

You can choose your resort at the top of the shop page to see our delivery charge including minimum order value and days of the week we deliver to the resort.

We currently only work within the French Alps and do not yet offer delivery to the Vosges or Les Pyrenees but please follow our social media channels for future expansion and news.

No. You can see all possible ordering dates at checkout, depending on where you are located in France and which delivery days are scheduled for those regions.

Yes but you can choose your resort at the top of the shop page to see our delivery charge including minimum order value and days of the week we deliver to the resort.

Sit back and relax. If you have pre-ordered well in advance of your trip then you may not hear from us for a while but we do have your order and will get it ready for your arrival. You will receive a reminder email a couple of weeks before you travel and this is the opportunity to check that information such as address and preferred delivery time slots are still up to date.

We sometimes offer voucher codes through businesses we are working alongside, or perhaps for a special promotion. You can redeem your code when you check out of the site where there is a field saying ‘Discount code’.

You can’t change or amend your order online, but if you need to make a change you are able to email [email protected] if it is more than 48 hours before your scheduled delivery time. Any amendments made within a week of the delivery time will need to be the same or greater value.

You can cancel your food delivery and receive a refund minus a €25 administration fee if it is 21 days or more prior to delivery. After this time, we are unable to offer a refund as our products have already started to be processed ready to bring to you.

We never want to pull you off the slopes. When you complete your order online we’ll ask you for a preferred delivery time slot and we will work to get as close to that as possible. We will need your accommodation address, and as much information as possible always helps our Huskis navigate! Please bear in mind that weather and road conditions in the Alps can be changeable.

All orders are taken via our online shop. If you are having any issues with the website, please call +33(0)955 44 06 27 or email [email protected] to talk to one of our team.

Check our Resort Finder for more information on delivery schedules. This can be found on the home page or the top of the shop page.

We hand-selected a number of providers who we thought could make perfect food for a ski holiday. Most importantly their food had to be delicious, well-made and healthy. We wanted a range from Savoyard classics, to international favourites, to comfort food and to stuff that kids love to eat. It was also very important that we catered to those who are usually left a bit high-and-dry in the Alps; the vegetarians, vegans and people needing to cut out certain ingredients. Finally, we looked for formats that would work well for people on holiday: quick to prepare, good for sharing, and easy to store and heat up in basic kitchens.

Our menus and Savoie dishes are made in Huski's very own kitchen in Bourg Saint Maurice. We love everything about the mountains; the skiing, the weather, the people and especially the food. Our dishes are a collection of hearty, warming and flavoursome meals made with quality ingredients and love.

We make sure all our food is packaged so it gets to you in peak condition.

Frozen products will be refrigerated in transit and should be popped in your freezer on arrival. If you don’t have enough freezer space it can be kept in the fridge for 48-72 hours depending on the product.

Some of our sides, breakfast items and Welcome Hampers are a selection of packaged goods and fresh items like bread, eggs and milk. These packs should be stored or refrigerated as you would any grocery products.

We set out to create the best Vegetarian menu in the Alps and we think we have pulled it off – complete with delicious Vegiflette, Beetroot Bourguignon and Winter Vegetable Gratin. Who says you can’t eat delicious and healthy vegetarian food in the Alps? Please note that we don’t have separate areas or processes, so whilst all the ingredients in these meals are vegan we cannot claim vegan certification.

We sell food and drink that have been made with kosher ingredients but we cannot claim kosher certification.

Yes we do. We know a large number of our customers want to or need to cut out wheat which isn't so easy in the mountains. So we created a terrific Gluten Free range of dishes. Very healthy, but also tasty. Here you can enjoy a range of local and international dishes packed with flavour and energy.

A large majority of accommodation in the French Alps only has a small freezer. But don’t worry! Our food can sit in a fridge comfortably for 48-72 hours. If you have a freezer you can order as much food as you like. If you have only a fridge you can still order up to 3 night’s worth of food.

If you would like a second drop mid-week, please let us know and we will arrange with you how to split the delivery.

Please also check that the kitchen has either an oven or a microwave. Please be aware that some accommodations only provide you with either an oven or a microwave, but not always both. Sometimes the microwave is a ‘combi-oven’ or a ‘microwave-grill’. This means that our ‘oven-only’ meals will not cook in a microwave-grill- and anything bigger than a ‘serves 2’ will not fit in a combi-oven.

When ordering your meals, please check your kitchen’s facilities. All of our dishes have a microwave and/or and oven symbol in the description. We also have a handy filter column on the left hand side of our website.