What we do

Huski is an online store with a wide-range of meals, drinks and services. Our team delivers daily, direct to your chalet or apartment, or you can click-and-collect on your drive up the valley. Our mission is to take the hard work out of your ski holiday, giving you more time to enjoy the mountains.

We offer a selection of meals from established and well-known partners, like Cook Food from the UK. As we grow we will keep working with local restaurants and suppliers to bring the best of the Alps' food to our customers in the most convenient way.

We have a fantastic team of ‘huskis’ who can always be relied upon to deliver your order whatever the weather. All our team are mountain enthusiasts, so it’s worth tapping into their expertise about where to go or what to do whilst you are here.

What is the story behind Huski?

The idea for Huski came from two friends, who’d had enough of the legwork involved in their annual family ski holiday together, and decided there had to be a better way.

Inspired by the simplicity of apps and delivery services back at home, they got their heads together to build a mobile delivery service that was custom made for the mountains. So Huski was born. And like any good Huski we promise to be loyal, hardworking and happy to get the job done.

What times can I order for?

You can place orders 24/7 through our online store. We deliver daily, with a range of bookable time-slots from 6am to 10pm.

Our headquarters in Bourg-St-Maurice are also open for our click-and-collect service in office hours, with extended hours on Saturdays for late arrivals.

Is there a minimum order value?

No. But on small orders, typically under €75 you will be charged a small delivery fee.

How is the food delivered to me?

Once the order is placed and packed up we will deliver it ourselves direct to your door. It will arrive frozen and oven-ready. If you have ordered before travelling we will make arrangements with your accommodation provider to make sure it’s all in place for your arrival.

How does Huski work?

Like any online store really. Choose what you want and add it to your basket (sorry, Sled). You can shop by pre-planned menus, or you can shop by individual dishes. We also have Welcome Packs for basic groceries designed to get you through the first day if you are arriving after the shops are closed.

If you are booking before you travel we will need your day of arrival and your address. We aim to have everything in place before you arrive. Or if you are booking once you are in the resort just pick one of our daily delivery slots when you get to the checkout on the site.

How do I redeem a voucher code?

We sometimes offer voucher codes through businesses we are working alongside, or perhaps for a special promotion. You can redeem your code when you check out of the site where there is a field saying ‘add voucher code’.

Do I have to tip?

We don’t expect you to tip our Huski delivery teams, but if you feel like they have done a particularly good job please do. We guarantee any money they make will be theirs to keep.

Can we pay Huski with cash?

I am afraid not. Our Huski’s are far too modern for that.

We cannot accept cash but we can take a range of payments from card, to Paypal to Apple Pay.

Who makes Huski’s food?

We hand-selected a number of providers who we thought could make perfect food for a ski holiday. Most importantly their food had to be delicious, well-made and healthy. We wanted a range from Savoyard classics, to international favourites, to comfort food and to stuff that kids love to eat. It was also very important that we catered to those who are usually left a bit high-and-dry in the Alps; the vegetarians, vegans and people needing to cut out certain ingredients. Finally we looked for formats that would work well for people on holiday: quick to prepare, good for sharing, and easy to store and heat up in basic kitchens. Our final selection was:

Cook Food: a pioneer of premium frozen ready meals in the UK, who have a much loved and fast growing business. We are the first people to offer Cook outside of the UK www.cookfood.net

Le Monal: a leading figure on the Sainte Foy food scene for over 150 years, Le Monal is a family run restaurant, bar and hotel business serving up modern and classical locally inspired dishes. www.le-monal.com

Maison Rullier: another family run business in the small town of Seez. They have pioneered a classic french serving format - The Bocal - to present complete meals in these very convenient glass jars. http://www.lepererullier.fr/

How is the food packaged?

We make sure all our food is packaged so it gets to you in peak condition.

Frozen products from our COOK range will be refrigerated in transit and should be popped in your freezer on arrival. If you don’t have enough freezer space it can be kept in the fridge for 48 hours.

Our Local Restaurant range will usually come in a Bocal - a vacuum sealed sterilised glass jar. These jars will keep the food they contain fresh for the duration of your stay. Once opened these need to be cooked or eaten as you would fresh cooking.

Our Welcome Packs will arrive in a box and are a selection of packaged goods and fresh items like bread, eggs and cheese. These packs should be stored or refrigerated as you would any grocery products.

Do you have vegetarian and vegan options?

We set out to create the best Vegetarian menu in the Alps and we think we have pulled it off. This menu delivers a mix of dishes developed with local restaurants and tried-and-tested vege dishes from the UK’s ‘Cook’. Who says you can’t eat delicious and healthy vegetarian food in the Alps?

Do you have a Gluten Free option?

Yes we do. We know a large number of our customers want to cut out wheat which isnt so easy in the mountain diet. So we created a terrific Gluten Free range of dishes. This is also our healthiest menu catering not just to guests who want to avoid certain ingredients but also to the healthy-minded who want to eat as clean as the mountain air. But healthy should also be tasty, so here you can enjoy a range of local and international dishes packed with flavour and energy.